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Facebook Started?

Facebook was founded February fourth, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. At first it was only for Harvard students before expanding to other Ivy league schools, growing and adding more schools and then corporations until finally in September 2006, it was open to everyone.

Facebook is a social site much like the once popular Myspace, though once Facebook was launched to the public everyone herded onto the new, fresh site and left their old accounts on Myspace to collect dust. Mostly, Facebook is used to catch up with lost friends that only about ten percent of the time you actually wanted to keep in touch with, the other ninety being those people from High School you never cared if you’d see again, or better yet never wanted to see again, but still accept their friend requests to fool yourself into thinking you actually want to connect with these people. In the end you never speak to these people, but maybe groan at their terrible opinions or ignore their multiple requests for a flash game about farming or candy.

While being a nice social website that allows you to connect with Family members who barely know how to use a computer, or friends from elementary school whose name you forgot (but don’t worry they remembered your’s) it has the added bonus of time consuming games based off of popular TV shows, movies, books and then just games made to waste time and occasionally make you pay five dollars to get the special in-game currency.

Facebook also seems to know us better than we know ourselves, deciding that we want to see the most active, commented on or liked posts on our feed instead of the most recent, since actually seeing what is currently going on in people’s lives is just not possible, instead we need to look at this cute photo of a teacup pig from 2010, or a friend’s status made three weeks ago with a long argument over cheese in the comments.

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